About Granny’s Garlic

Granny’s Garlic produces a range of garlic chutneys, sauces, pastes and pickles that are tried and tested, then tweaked and tested some more.

Old traditional recipes, collected from friends and family over the years, have been selected and perfected for production to bear the Granny’s Garlic Logo.

We use the best garlic we can obtain, some of it imported, to ensure the best quality product for our customers.

Granny’s garlic is available on our online store and is couriered to our customers.

Most of our products need to mature for up to 6 weeks so our production is slow and meticulous. Granny’s Garlic products are not mass-produced for volume but are produced with your enjoyment in mind.

This means that our products do not have preservatives and chemicals added to hasten the production or lengthen the shelf life. Your health and product enjoyment is our priority.